Notifications about new messages

What kinds of notifications there are, and how to use them

Favicon meaning

Our favicon (Dashly logo) on the site tab shows if you have any unanswered or unassigned conversations:

  1. Standard favicon, no unanswered / unassigned conversations;
  2. You have unanswered conversations;
  3. You have unassigned conversations (one, as the icon shows).

Sometimes, if there were changes to the page since you last checked it, an asterisk appears, meaning there are now new conversations or messages.

Notification settings

Currently, the following types of notifications are available:

In order to avoid missing any new conversations you can set up several notifications. Click on your avatar in the top right corner and move to "Account settings": 

Next, open the Notifications tab. That's what it looks like. If you're a member of several projects, you'll be able to configure notifications for each of them separately:

For each of your sites you can set notifications about new messages in following conversations:

  • Conversations assigned to me;
  • Conversations assigned to no one;
  • Conversations assigned to other team members.

There are three types of notifications:

Desktop - notifications in the browser and Windows application. To receive desktop notifications, you must also allow them to be sent in the browser;

       Please note: desktop notifications won't appear if you don't have any Dashly tabs open in your browser. For Windows app, notifications must also be enabled in the system settings.

Push - notifications in mobile Android / iOS applications. You can check whether notifications are allowed in the settings of mobile devices through the Settings menu in your mobile device;

Email — notifications to the operator's mail box.

    Please note: such email notifications are included in the email quota of your subscription plan. To check the quota, go to the Payment section. You may want to send these notifications only to some of your team members.

Notification types 

Users with "Administrator" and "Super Administrator" access rights can edit the notification settings of other team members in the "Team members" section. 

Please note: configured notifications will be sent during working hours and out of working hours as well. In the Dashly app you will be able to configure the time for receiving the notifications:

Notification visibility settings

If Dashly tab is open in your browser but inactive (that is, you are browsing in another tab or aren't moving the mouse on this one for a long time) and desktop notifications are enabled — in this case, when a new conversation appears, you will receive a sound notification.

You can set the sound notification to repeat until you return to the tab. This way you won't miss the conversation even if you got distracted and missed the notification the first time.

By default, desktop notifications are hidden automatically after a while, which can be inconvenient if you are away from the screen for some time. An additional setting will help make sure that desktop notifications are visible — then you will definitely notice them.

Muting notifications

If you don't want to get notifications about conversations coming from a certain channel - mute it in the Inbox section:

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