Different acess types for your team

Let admins and operators to work only with sections they're responsible for

Access types

You can add several operators with different access right to handle all requests:

Chat operator

has access to Live and Inbox tabs. They can send and receive chat messages.


has access to all sections, except Subscription one. You can also restrict rights for lead export and mass mailing campaigns (if it has more than 1 recipient).

Super admin

Has full access to all sections of Dashly, including the Subscription section. They can also change the notification settings, names, and avatars of other leads.

How to add admins and operators

It will take you a few moments to add new team members. Move to Settings - Administrators - Add new admin.

  1. Enter the email of a new team member. If there is no personal account for this email yet, then a new team member will receive an email with password.

  2. Enter the name (your customers will see this name in the chat).

  3. You can also set name for internal usage (it will be visible for other team members only).

  4. Upload a profile picture.

  5. Add company email address (this address will be used for sending manual messages and notifications about new chat messages). Read more about sender's name and address here. Contact us if you want to add your personal domain. 

  6. Set access rights for the new team member. You can also set rights for lead export and mass mailing campaigns.

  7. Tick notifications to be received in browser, mobile app or via email.


If you add an email which is already in Dashly, this team member will receive an email notification.

Profile settings change (personal data and notifications)


Operator can change their profile picture and name (visible for customers and the internal one) by clicking on the avatar at the top left corner in the admin panel:

Operator can change their notifications in the notifications tab.

Super admin

In general super admin list click on edit button next to admin name:

Edit profile and save it. 

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