Merging chat and messenger lead cards

Automatic merging of site visitors with those contacting you via messenger

To save the visitors activity history and their conversations started via messengers in one place, automatic merging of visitors has been implemented.

Here's how it works:

  1. A visitor opens your site
  2. They open the chat widget and from here opens the messenger to continue chatting
  3. Dashly will show the messenger conversation history and the activity on the site in the same lead card

Lead events and properties, communication history (displayed pop-ups, conversations etc.) recorded during the time spent on the site will be shown in their card, along with the conversations from messengers.

This allows you to save all the information about the lead in one place. When contacted by the visitor, your managers will be able to easily navigate and resolve the issue more efficiently, having all the relevant data at hand.

If two lead cards have the same property fields with different values, when merging, the priority will be given to the card of the lead that visited the site - so the value of this lead will remain in the card.

Lead merging is implemented for the following messengers:

Please note: when contacting via WhatsApp, an automatic text will be added to the message input field: "Your ID is XXXX. Send this message to us." The merging will happen only after the user sends this message.

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