Facebook Lead Ads

Send data collected from Facebook forms to Dashly

Data collected from Facebook forms will be recorded in Dashly as new leads with the form reply event recorded in these lead cards.

❗Important: this integration works independently of the Facebook messenger integration and leads collected with these two integrations won't merge. 

Using the integration

If you capture emails in a Facebook Lead Ads form, you can record a custom event upon replying to these forms and use this event as a trigger for a triggered email. That way, every user who filled in your form will automatically receive an email from you upon replying to the form.

If you capture phone numbers and they are recorded as a standard lead property in Dashly, you can pass them to Slack via the Slack integration to instantly see new leads and call them as fast as possible. 

How to create a Facebook Lead Ads integration

Go to the Integration section in Dashly and find Facebook leads.

Step 1

Enter the integration name and save it.

Step 2

Push the "Authorize on Facebook" button and sign in to Facebook.

Once you’ve authorized, you’ll see the authorization confirmation on the Step 2 of the integration setting

Step 3

After authorization, you'll see the list of pages managed by your Facebook account and available for integration.

Choose the page you want to integrate with and move on to the next step.

Step 4

Choose the needed form from the drop-down list.

Fields with "EMAIL", "FIRST_NAME", "FULL_NAME", "LAST_NAME", "PHONE", "WORK_EMAIL", "WORK_PHONE_NUMBER" types will be recorded as strings in Dashly. The rest of the Facebook properties are seen in Dashly as lists.

You can add several forms from the chosen accounts. 

When a lead fills in the form and data comes to Dashly, an event will be recorded to the lead card as well. You can create your own name for this event (we recommend doing it especially if you have several forms that are supposed to trigger several campaigns) or use the default “Facebook lead form is filled” name. 

❗Important: this integration won't work if you have limitations set up in the Lead Access section of Facebook's Business Manager.

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