Auto opening of the chat window with a set message

A method that sends a ready-made message to the opened chat window

This article describes the following scenario:

Upon completing a certain event, your user's chat window will open and a ready-made message will be sent to them.

That's how you can do it:

You'll need to make a JavaScript triggered message that will open the chat window, and then you'll need a Chat triggered message.

1. A method to create a JavaScript triggered message is described in this article. You'll need to follow it for this scenario. 

2. Create a Chat triggered message. In the message input field, you'll need to write the text you want to send to your visitors' open chat window. Set the same trigger as the one you used in the JavaScript triggered message.

You can read about setting an triggered message in this article.

These settings will result in this: visitor triggers a certain event on your website. This event fires the script that opens the chat window and then sends a message to the open chat window✨ 

❗It's important: For this magic to work, all of the triggered message conditions (including its trigger, timeout, sending settings and audience settings) must be identical.

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