Exit-intent pop-up

Bring a visitor back with a pop-up

One of the most common scenarios of keeping the lead on the site is showing a pop-up when they try to leave your site. Let's see how you can configure such pop-up in Dashly.

You can enable this event in Auto tracking tab in the Tracking master section. Press Start, choose "Exit intent" and save this settings. You'll see exit-intent event in a lead card every time your visitor will try to leave the website. Then you can go to the Auto section and create a new auto message with "Exit-intent" events as a trigger. 

If you want to create a customized exit-intent event (not the one that is triggered in 5 seconds after the event is recorded) you can follow these instructions:

  1. Move to Tracking -> Tracking master -> Configure the JavaScript code.

  2. Paste the following script to the input field:

(function() {
    function init() {
        setTimeout(addMouseout, 5000);
    function addMouseout() {
        document.addEventListener('mouseout', mouseout);
    function mouseout(e) {
        if (Math.round(e.x) >= 0 && Math.round(e.y) <= 0) {
            dashly.track('Попытка ухода с сайта');
            setTimeout(addMouseout, 10000);
    function deleteEvent() {
        document.removeEventListener('mouseout', mouseout);
Click "Save".

The inserted script will run every 10 seconds when lead moves the mouse cursor above the top border of the site.

"Exit intent" event will be added to the lead card.

Now you need to create a new pop-up which will be shown when one tries to leave a site.

Choose "Exit intent" event as trigger.

In order not to show this pop-up over and over again, select sending timeout.

As a result, we will have these pop-up settings:

You can set audience and message goal as well.

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