Exit intent event

A short instruction

Exit intent event allows to send a triggered auto message to leads when they move their cursor to the upper border of your site and catch their attention at the very last moment.

You can enable this event in Auto tracking tab in the Tracking master section. Press Start, choose "Exit intent" and save this settings. You'll see exit-intent event in a lead card every time your visitor will try to leave the website. Then you can go to the Auto section and create a new auto message with "Exit-intent" events as a trigger. 

If you want to create a customized exit-intent event (not the one that is triggered in 5 seconds after the event is recorded) you can follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Tracking -> Tracking master -> Configure the JavaScript code

  2. Enter the following script:

(function() {


    function init() {

        setTimeout(addMouseout, 5000);


    addMouseout function() {

        document.addEventListener('mouseout', mouseout);


    function mouseout(e) {

        if (Math.round(e.x) >= 0 && Math.round(e.y) <= 0) {

            dashly.track('Page leave');


            setTimeout(addMouseout, 5000);



    function deleteEvent() {

        document.removeEventListener('mouseout', mouseout);



Copy code

  1. Click Save.

How does the script work:

  1. The script initiates in 5 seconds after one logs in your site.

  2. "Page leave" event will be triggered when one moves the cursor to the upper border of your site.

  3. Choose this event as a trigger for an auto message - e.g. a pop-up.

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