Manual messages report

Send messages to your leads and see how successful these messages are

Once you send a manual message, you can check its report in Analytics - Campaign reports tab.

You can check a general report for all messages and review each of them separately. The general table displays the following:

  • Message name;

  • Last sent date;

  • Sent (percentage of sent messages);

  • Read (percentage of read messages);

  • Reply percentage;

  • Clicks (percentage of those who clicked on a link in the message);

  • Percentage of unsubscribed leads.



Click "Report" to see its detailed report:

  1. Message ID. It is used for message identification for different requests.

  2. When the campaign was created. 
  3. Campaign type: chat, small pop-up, big pop-up, email.

  4. Last time sent. Last sending date and time;

  5. Number of messages sent;

  6. Percentage and number of read messages;

  7. Percentage and number of message replies;

  8. Percentage and number of those who clicked on a link;

  9. Number and percentage of those who unsubscribed;

  10. Bounced emails;

  11. The number of spam claims.

Each of these points can be reviewed more detailed by clicking "Details" button. Or just move to Visitors tab.

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