Chatbot templates

Make chatbot creating process faster and easier

Pre-made templates can make the process of setting up a chatbot easier, as well as serve as the basis for more advanced scenarios applicable to your website. Templates are available for both the leadbot and the Welcome bot.

To use one of the pre-made templates, click on the "Create leadbot" button - the following menu with a template selection will open:

You can also go to the script selection menu while in the bot creation mode, on the "Content" step by clicking on the "Chatbot templates" button. 

Please note that the current content will then be lost and replaced with the selected scenario.

By clicking on the template, a preview window will open:

The following templates are available for the leadbot:

1. Lead generation after a website visit

The chatbot will collect an email from the site visitor immediately after they enter the site, offering to subscribe to the newsletter.

Chatbot from this template:

- will collect contacts for mailing campaigns;

- share useful information with the site visitor.

2. Lead qualification

The chatbot qualifies site visitors and automatically distributes requests among the team. It will pass hot leads to managers and launch an auto-message funnel for those who are not yet ready for purchase.

Chatbot from this template:

- engages site visitors in a conversation;

- ask qualifying questions;

- will collect contacts and transfer them to the desired team.

3. Leave intent lead qualification

The chatbot will collect contacts from the site visitor when they try to close the site tab in exchange for something useful: discounts, tutorials and so on.

Chatbot from this template:

- will share useful information with a site visitor or offer a discount;

- will collect contacts for mailing campaigns.

4. Lead qualification outside office hours

The chatbot will engage the site visitor in a conversation, collect contacts, qualify the lead and transfer the data to the right team that will contact the lead during business hours.

Chatbot from this template:

- starts a conversation and inform the visitor if the operators aren't available;

- qualifies the visitor as required;

- will collect contacts and send the data to the operator to contact the lead during business hours.

5. Product description before lead generation

The chatbot will tell the visitor about your services, products, courses, ask qualifying questions, find out what the visitors are interested in, and get contacts from those who show interest in your services.

Chatbot from this template:

- qualifies the site visitor according to their interests;

– tells about your services/courses/products;

- gets contacts of those who are interested.

6. Measure customer satisfaction

The chatbot will automatically ask the site visitor to rate the quality of the service at the right time and collect detailed feedback if the rating is below 3 stars.

Chatbot from this template:

- finds out how a site visitor rates your service;

- collects feedback.

7. Question collection form

The chatbot will find out what questions the site visitor has and will collect the contacts to send an answer.

Chatbot from this template:

- collects the questions of the site visitor;

- collects contacts and sends a question to operators.

8. Request qualification

The chatbot qualifies the site visitor instead of the first line support operators and immediately forwards the question with the right details to the right team to deal with.

Chatbot from this template:

- offers to help the site visitor;

- asks qualifying questions;

- clarifies the details, gets contacts and transfers them to the right team.

You can make changes to the selected scenario to make it work for you, add your own events and blocks. You can read more about setting up a leadbot in this article.

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