"No Branding" add-on

This add-on removes mentions of Dashly from your messages and is needed to connect your custom domain

The "No Branding" add-on allows you to remove all mentions of Dashly:

  • removes the «Powered by Dashly» capture from the chat widget, emails and pop-ups;
  • allows you to connect a custom domain instead of a default one.

Here's how it looks with and without the Dashly capture:

The cost of the add-on depends on the selected payment plan's traffic:

Add-on cost
1 000
5 00025
10 00035
25 00045
50 00059
100 00069
150 00079
200 00099
300 000119
400 000129
500 000139

The add-on is connected for the entire subscription period. For instance, if you buy a subscription for 3 months, the cost of the module for the entire subscription period will be multiplied by three.

You can enable the add-on in the Payment section.

To disable the «Powered by Dashly» caption, go to Settings —> Chat —> Basic chat settings -> Show the «Powered by Dashly» caption. You can enable and disable the caption when necessary.

You can also connect your email domain using this instruction. We will generate DNS records that you can then add to your hosting settings. After the records are set, we will check them and activate your mail domain.

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