Google ClientID

Set Google ClientID auto tracking

In case you use Google Analytics and send Dashly events there, use ClientID property to identify the user who visited a certain page or contacted the support team before paying, etc.

This property will be tracked for those users who visit your site after adding the script in the "Settings" -> "Visitors data tracking" -> "Configure the JavaScript code" section:

//google clientID tracking
function getGCid() {
var match = document.cookie.match('(?:^|;)\\s*_ga=([^;]*)');
var raw = (match) ? decodeURIComponent(match[1]) : null;
if (raw) {
match = raw.match(/(\d+\.\d+)$/);
var gacid = (match) ? match[1] : null;
if (gacid) {dashly.identify([{op: 'set_once', key: 'ClientID', value: gacid}]);

The ClientID property will be recorded in the user's card.

If scripts have already been added in the "Configure the JavaScript code" section, place a new one a line after the last script.

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