Operator modes

How to set up an operator mode and how it affects other elements of your Dashly panel

There are two operator modes – “Online” and “Offline”. 

An onerator goes "Online" whenever they open Dashly on their desktop or their mobile device. Closing Dashly on every device switches the operator to "Offline" mode in 5 minutes. Operators can also change their mode with the “Online/Offline” switch.

ā— Important: If an operator has changed the switch to “Offline” mode, closed Dashly on one device and then re-entered on another device, their mode will be set to “Offline” mode until they manually change it back to “Online”.

Operator modes will affect the chat mode on your website if the “Switch to the offline mode on if all operators are offline during working hours” feature is turned on in the “Chat settings” section.

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