Abandoned cart pop-up

Create abandoned pop-up and increase the conversion to purchas

You can significantly increase your conversion rate and increase your income by reminding your customers about their abandoned carts.

Read about abandoned cart email in this article.

There are several ways to create an abandoned cart pop-up. Whatever method you use, you must first configure the data collection. The following events must run after everything is configured: "Added an item to the cart"

$cart_added with event properties $name, $img, $amount, $url

"Made an order"

$order_completed with event property $order_amount

 and "Page leave" event.

Usually a pop-up with cart items is shown to the lead when they try to leave the website. Therefore in all cases this event will be the trigger.

Create a pop-up manually:

  1. Start a pop-up creating process;

  2. Choose "Page leave" event as a trigger. No need to set sending timeout as we need to attract lead's attention at the very last moment.

  1. Now we need to set the audience, so the pop-up will be shown to those who don't complete an order in last 30 min. For those who complete an order, this pop-up will be irrelevant.

These settings will help us to find all leads who added items to their carts for the last 30 minutes, but haven't completed their orders. We also need to be sure that added to cart items won't be removed from it when a pop-up is shown. Otherwise, the lead will see a pop-up with empty fields. This will look really strange. "Small screen equals to 0" property means that this pop-up won't be shown on mobile devices.

You can set segmentation more specifically.

Example: show this pop-up only for the first purchase ("Made an order" lead event is not defined) or total cart amount is more than defined ("Cart amount" more than XXX).

  1. In order not to disturb the lead with the same message over and over again, set "resend in 1 day" condition.

  2. Select a pop-up type (big or small) and paste the code which will add the list of items from a shopping cart.

  3. Select message goal if needs.

Example: we want to check how many leads will make an order in 3 hours after receiving a pop-up and how much income this auto message will bring:

  1. Check whether all settings are correct.

We would recommend to launch events for message chains in order to see what message was send/read/replied/etc (it will help you to build analytics).

  1. Do not forget to check message statistics.

JS pop-up

If you want to create a pop-up with unique design, then you can do it via JS.

First of all, you need to compose a pop-up (cart items will be added to it) and add a pop-up code to JS-variable.

Continue with triggered JS pop-up configuration.

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