General settings

Here’s what you can configure in the “Settings” – “General” section

Status. The status of your Dashly subscription.

  • Active — your subscription is active and you’re free to use Dashly;

  • Blocked — your subscription is not renewed.

Creation date. The date you added your website to Dashly.

Company name. The name that appears on your Dashly website list. Company name is also added to the sender names if such option is enabled in the “Settings” – “Senders” section.

Website address (URL). The link to your website. Though it’s not necessary to install your Dashly installation script on this website exclusively, it’s recommended to do so as this address is used by default in Dashly settings.

Time zone. The time zone is used for working hours settings and delayed message sending time.

Emails forwarding. You can use it to receive emails from your corporate mailbox in Dashly. Read about it in this article.

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