Unique visitors

What does it mean?

A unique visitor is a site visitor or lead uploaded via API with certain parameters: cookies, browser, OS and other properties or events. Unique visitors will be considered in quota if they were active in your payment period.

Visitor activity is:

  • any event or property recorded;
  • visitor visited your site;
  • you recorded data via API;
  • message sent.

The system records such visitors, and when they enter your site for the second time or more, Dashly does not consider them as unique visitors in current payment period.

If visitor:

  • cleared cookies
  • offline for 150 days and more
  • entered your site via another device
  • reinstalled the browser or OS

he will be considered as a unique visitor.

Cookies are stored for 150 days. If visitor didn't enter your site within this time, they will be considered as unique visitors.

Our system defines visitors by cookies. However, you can configure lead merging. In this case every lead will be assigned with unique User ID, so Dashly will be able to recognize such lead when they Logs In their account from any devices or after 150 days of being offline.

What happens when unique visitors quota is exceeded?

When you exceed your unique visitor quota (which is determined by your subscription), every unique visitor beyond the limit will be charged additional. The overrun total will be shown in the invoice at the end of your payment period.

Subscription 1 000

$0.04 per visitor

Subscription 5 000

$0.02 per visitor

Subscription 10 000

$0.02 per visitor

Subscription 25 000

$0.01 per visitor

Subscription 50 000

$0.01 per visitor

Subscription 100 000 

$0.01 per visitor

Subscription 150 000 

$0.01 per visitor

Subscription 200 000 

$0.01 per visitor

Subscription 250 000 

$0.01 per visitor

Subscription 300 000 

$0.01 per visitor

Subscription 400 000 

$0.01 per visitor

Subscription 500 000 

$0.55 per visitor

If you have Sign Up process on your site then you can configure lead merging via User ID.

We use User ID to merge leads who come to your site via different devices. When lead Logs In you should pass his ID to us using this command

dashly.auth('25', 'hmac-sha256-hash');

The first argument is the User ID. The second is hash HMAC SHA-256 (Text is User ID, key - User Auth Key, it can be found in the admin panel).

Example in PHP:

$userId = '...';

$hash = hash_hmac('sha256', $userId, 'User-Auth-Key' );

echo "dashly.auth('".$userId."', '".$hash."')"

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