Does Dashly affect the website loading speed and is there a limitation on lead's events number?

See how it all works

While website is loading, Dashly script is loading the file with the main code: 


The file is loaded asynchronously, and therefore does not affect the loading speed of the site. The file itself weighs 57.4kb and is located in cdn. The average loading speed of the script is 120ms-180ms.

After the script is loaded, a request is sent to the server jsconnect. The request is also sent asynchronously and does not affect page loading speed. The speed of the request depends on the distance of the visitor from the server.

We tested Dashly's loading speed with Google's Lighthouse v5, comparing its First CPU Idle, Largest Contentful Paint and other metrics with a few other services. The results showed almost no significant impact of Dashly on the site's loading capability. You can check out full results in our blog here

Limitation on number of lead's events

We limit the number of events that can be created for one lead: no more than 60 events per minute. This was made to protect the system from bugs and hang ups.

If the quota is exceeded, Dashly blocks this lead until the number of events decreases and becomes less than 60 per minute.

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