A list of standard events

Name of events to configure data tracking

"$authorized": "Signed in",
"$cart_added": "Item added to cart",
"$cart_viewed": "Viewed cart",
"$conversation_user_started": "Communication: User started a chat conversation",
"$email_changed": "Email is changed",
"$form_sended": "Filled in the form",
"$goal_completed": "Communication: goal reached",
"$input_filled": "Input field filled",
"$message_bounced": "Communication: Bounced",
"$message_clicked": "Communication: Clicked on the link in the message",
"$message_control_group": "Communication: appeared in a control group",
"$message_read": "Communication: Message read",
"$message_replied": "Communication: Answered the message ",
"$message_sended": "Communication: Message sent",
"$message_spam": "Communication: Clicked on the spam button ",
"$message_unsubscribed": "Communication: Unsubscribed from the campaign",
"$name_changed": "Name changed",
"$order_cancelled": "Order cancelled",
"$order_closed": "Received the order",
"$order_completed": "Made an order",
"$order_paid": "Paid the order",
"$order_refunded": "Order refunded",
"$order_started": "Started to make an order",
"$page_view": "Viewed the page",
"$phone_changed": "Phone number is changed",
"$product_viewed": "Viewed the item",
"$registered": "Registered",
"$session_start": "Session started",
"$user_banned": "Visitor banned",
"$user_merged": "Visitor merged",
"$user_unbanned": "Visitor unbanned",
"$utm_hit": "UTM parameters detected"

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