Why my email campaigns can be blocked?

How not to be a spammer

Email campaigns for a certain website can be blocked due to a large number of spam complains. Emails are marked as a spam by users, not by the mail server automatically blocks the emails, that’s what differs it from bounce. 

Blocking reason

The reason for blocking is an exceeding a complains limit of 0.2% of total emails for the last 30 days. Total number of emails combines both manual and auto emails. You will see a pop-up notification on every page of your control panel and all the triggered emails and mass emails will be stopped. 

Block limits in Dashly are lower than on the other services, what gives you the opportunity to fix it in time and save reputation of your domain. When the domain reputation is low due to the bounce and spam complains, mailing services block the domain and all the emails, so even the users subscribed to your newsletters won’t get them. And the unblocking could take few weeks and it could have a huge impact on your conversion. 


You contact our support team in a chat and try to fix all the moments which could lead to complains to have an opportunity to send emails through Dashly again. 


There are no strict rules how to decrease the number of spam complains because it’s not an automated process.  But there are few recommendations which could help you to lower the risk:

  1. Carefully choose your email subject. Very often users sends it to trash due to its subject even without opening your email. 
  2. Validate and segment the base. Don’t buy user bases, work only with the leads which are agreed to receive emails from you. Change the subject and the text due to the segment: well timed email with content relevant for this segment will show increase in open rate and site visit conversions. 
  3. Use double opt-in. Extra agreement on your email newsletters will help you to highlight users who are really interested in your newsletters. 
  4. Plan the frequency of your emails. Before activating an auto message and mass email launch think carefully how many letters will user receive from you during this month or week and is it suitable for your target audience. 

You can read more about how to make your mailings better in our blog.

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