Message templates


If you have frequently used content, you can create a template and then use it for your messages. You can create templates for chat messages, pop-ups and emails.

To check created templates, go to Auto -> Templates



How to create a template

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click "Create new template" button.
  2. Select message type.
  3. a) Chat message
    Enter content and template title, then click to "save".

    b) Pop-up
    Select pop-up size, content and template title. Click "save".

    c) Email
    Select email type, enter content and theme, click "save".
  1. Click "in use" button so that the template can be found in a list of templates.



How to use a template

You can use a template with manual and auto messages. To add a content from template to your message, click "Add a content from template" and select a template

  1. Manual message:
  2. Auto message:


How to edit a template

Click "edit" button next to the selected template.

Important: if you have an auto message based on the template, the content of such auto message won't change automatically. 


How to delete a template

Click "Delete" button in editing mode of the selected template.

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