How to configure retargeting with Dashly?

Bring visitors back and get more leads with retargeting

You can easily "catch" leads via social media retargeting.

Retargeting in social media is limited by leads' page visiting or events. You can't select leads who made the second purchase or have a certain order amount. However, you can configure it via Dashly.

To configure retargeting, you need to create a pixel in advertising account of your social media and add code with necessary parameters to auto message.

Do not forget to set trigger and conditions for your auto message (it is important that lead should be online when these conditions are checked).

Example: you can select leads who return to your website to do the second purchase.

Facebook retargeting settings

  1. Create a pixel and add it to all pages of your site (if it isn't added yet).

We need to send custom Facebook events under required conditions. So we will show advertisements to all leads who completed these events. It is important that the lead should be online at the moment of completing the event.

  1. Set trigger JS message in Dashly, select triggered event that should run pixel and audience segment. Add the following code to message content:

fbq('track', '<EVENT_NAME>');

Add your event name. Note that the message should run after pixel code is loaded.

  1. Add pixel code (to the code field - step 4) that you copied in Facebook.

Important: remove tag <script></script> from the code, since the message field is already meant for JS.

Important: Facebook allows 1 pixel per 1 advertising account, therefore we recommend you to use standard events offered by Facebook.

Read Facebook note about standard and custom events.


  1. Note that only about 1/5 of the traffic gets to retargeting. Think whether it is necessary to configure retargeting if the minimum audience size for advertising in social networks is around 100 people.
  2. Indicate funnel key points as pixel triggers: added an item to the cart, started to make an order, order placed. Auto message should run when lead is online. Otherwise the information won't be tracked.
  3. In this case you shouldn't configure retargeting audience as you do for triggered messages in Dashly. Example: "added an item to the cart, but didn't complete checkout in 30 minutes" segment won't make sense because during the defined time one may leave the site.
  4. You can exclude a part of the audience directly in social network. Example: show ads to everyone who added an item to the cart, but exclude those who finished to make an order.
  5. We do not recommend you to use "followed a link" events as triggered events for retargeting. After the event completion, lead gets to a new page just because in some cases pixel doesn't have time to work.
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