How to prevent triggered messages from looping

Looping occurs when messages create events used as triggers for other messages or for the same message

The following things should be considered before launching your triggered message:

  • The time delay until message resending;

  • Timeout after the message has been triggered;

  • Message triggers;

  • "Message sent" and "Message read" events created by the message.

Looping example

Let’s say you created a triggered email with the "Message #1 sent" event used as its trigger. You can set a custom "Message sent" event to be created with events for message sequences.

Then, you use the "Message #1 sent" event as a trigger for another message.

This way, the first message will be followed by the second one, which will create a loop. Triggered message cycles can be long (a message sequence getting looped) or short (message looping itself).

The event recording limitations

Since the technical possibility to create a triggered message loop exists in Dashly, we’ve set a limit for the number of recorded events (for one user) to up to 60 events per minute. We block users who exceed the quota until the amount of recorded events reduces to the acceptable 60 events per minute.

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