How to add Zendesk integration

Zendesk definitely knows that “the main point of business is relationships”. And the relationships can be complicated. It’s hard to avoid bugs in a constantly developing product, so the question is how fast you can manage them. Your customers complain about some problem? Sent it to Zendesk right from the Dashly chat with the help of our integration. 

You can create a ticket from the conversation by typing the slash-command /zendesk and then the text of the problem. The ticket won’t be created without the text. Dashly will automatically add the link to this customer and the conversation in which the ticket was created, so you will have a possibility to return to it.


Integration setting

There are some pitch points we want to pay attention to. You’ll need to make some steps in Dashly and in Zendesk.

1. In your Zendesk account, go to the "Administrator" section > "Channels" > "API”.


2. Turn the option "Access by token" on and add the new token.


Be careful: new token is shown entirely only once - when creating. Copy the token (if you’ve missed it, just delete it and create a new one). 


Go back to Dashly, enter your Zendesk address (without http), user email and paste the token into the corresponding field. Don’t forget to save the integration!


You’re ready! 

Now in every conversation, you have an ability to create tickets with the help of slash command - enter the command /zendesk and the ticket text after it. The link to the lead from the conversation will be automatically added to the ticket text.

Manage the issues faster and more effectively!

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