Send data from Dashly to Mixpanel for deeper analysis

This integration allows you to choose the events made by visitors on your website and send the data about them into Mixpanel.

In the Integration section you can see the list of the events and choose the ones you want to send to Mixpanel. Then you can analyze this data in Mixpanel.

Integration setting

Sign up in Mixpanel.com

  1. Go to your account in Mixanel. At the top right menu choose "Account” section. Go to the "Projects" tab. Copy the token.Mixpanwl_1.png
  2. Go back to Dashly. Choose Mixpanel in the Integration section and paste this parameter into the field "Token" below.Screenshot_1.png

    Now you can choose what events to send to Mixpanel from the event list.

    Name the integration and save it. Now it’s working!

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