Tracking master: add event and property

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Tracking master can help you learn more about leads actions on your website without writing any code. As a result, you can use collected data for segmentation and sending triggered personal messages.

Basic features

Basic features include 4 types of lead events:

  • Page visit;
  • Scrolling to the bottom;
  • Click on the element;
  • Input field filling.


Unlimited number of events can be created for each of these types. Let's see how to configure each type.

Important! When you create an event to be tracked, do this even t yourself. Then it will be recorded in the list of events, and you will be able to select this event as a trigger. In other words, if you create an event "Page visit", configure that and then go to this page. Now the event is recorded, and you can use it as a trigger.

Page visited

  1. Open Tracking master.

  2. Select "Page visited" event.

  3. Enter the page URL. When visited, this event will be recorded.

  4. Tick "Include sub-pages" if needed.
    Important! and will be considered as different pages. To fix both options, use * symbol: *

  5. Delay.
    Specify when the event must be triggered: immediately after page visit or after a time lag.
    Important! The event won't be recorded if lead moves to another page before the time lag.

  6. Include additional properties. These will be displayed in lead's history of events.

  7. Enter the event name. It will be displayed in the list of triggers. You can add the description of the event as well.

  8. Check the settings and click "start data collection".


Scrolling to the bottom

This event is configured the same way as "page visit" event. Check the previous section.

Click on the element

  1. Find CSS selector of the element. A click on this element will be recorded as an event.To find a CSS selector, install Selector Gadget for Google Chrome.

  2. Note: there can be elements with the same selector on different pages. Therefore it is necessary to choose whether the event is performed on any page or on a specific one. Choose "on any page" or "only on specific page".

  3. Enter the event name which will be shown in the list of triggers. You can add the description of the event as well.

  4. Check the settings are click "start data collection".


Input field filling

This event is configured the same way as "Click on the element" event. Check the previous section.

Advanced tracking master

Advanced tracking master helps to record any triggered event into a lead's card or add properties after the event is triggered. You can also configure the recording of "filling input field" event to a lead's card.

Let's see how to configure events and properties in advanced tracking master.

  1. Move to Tracking -> Tracking master.

  2. Select Advanced tracking master.

  3. Select the type of action on your site.

  4. Select what you will do with this event: record it in the chronology of events in lead card or record this data to lead properties.

  5. Next step is the same as in configuring event from 3 point (configuring of visiting page event, scrolling to the bottom, etc.).

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