How a sender’s name is configured in manual mailing campaigns

Choose the name your recipients will see

Please note: here we are talking about sender’s name configuration in manual campaigns. In case you set a sender’s name as default in Settings - Senders, it will be shown as such only in triggered messages.

For manual messages sender’s name is composed of “Sender’s name” + “Company name” (if you have enabled it in Settings - Senders). 

For instance:

Sender’s name = John

Company name = Dashly

Sender’s name (in the email) = John Dashly

Sender’s address = (or your custom domain)


Admin’s visible name can be changed in Settings → Team members:

It can also be changed in Account settings — click on the profile picture in the top right corner of the admin panel.

Company name can be changed in Settings → General:

Add company name to the sender’s name in Settings → Senders:

Senders can be changed for any manual message by clicking the corresponding field under the message’s body:

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