Triggered webhook

A webhook is a message sent by Dashly to another system. For example, you can send a webhook with lead data to Bitrix24 when a lead clicks "buy" button. Bitrix will get this command and create a new lead or update an old one.

How to configure a triggered webhook:

Go to Auto -> Auto messages. Click "Create auto message".


  1. Choose the trigger

Choose the trigger (event) which will initiate a webhook sending.

Important: if you add several triggers, then a webhook will be sent if ANY trigger is detected.

Choose a sending timeout after the event is completed: immediately after the event is completed or after a time lag:

Select when the message should be sent: at any time or only at a particular period of time.

For example,



  1. Audience

Time to select leads we are going to send this message to among those who have triggered the event.

Show to leads who satisfy all filters

"All" is equal to logical "AND". In other words, all conditions must be met.

"Any" is equal to logical "OR". In other words, if one filter (or all of them) is met, then the lead will satisfy the conditions for an auto message to be sent.

Lead properties

Indicate properties a lead must satisfy.

Lead events

Events done by lead before the triggered event.

Important: If an auto message has a delay in sending ("Choose the trigger" step), then events and properties will be reviewed after this time period:

triggered action - N-time period - lead filters are checked.

Important: You don't always have to manually select lead properties and events, you can choose the saved segment on the left.

For example,



  1. Sending conditions

Select resending conditions: send the message only once, or resend if a lead fulfills all conditions again, after N-time period.

For example,



  1. Form and content

Select form and content of your message (chat, pop-up, email, etc).

Select "Additional types" and then find "Webhook".

Add URL the request will be sent to.



  1. Goal

Select a goal you want to achieve via this message. Read more about goals in this article.

For example,



  1. Review and launch

Check your webhook settings. You can also indicate events for message chain.

Click "Create and launch" if all settings are correct and if you want it to start working right now. Alternatively, click on "Create and launch later".


Important: check all settings very carefully. You can't delete auto messages, only turn them off.


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