Message sequences

You may also know these as Drip Campaigns

One of the coolest things in Dashly is an opportunity to create message chains. This feature will help you to create communication system with lead depending on their actions with previous message.


Examples of such messages:

Lead reads message A, but doesn't click on a link in this message (doesn't complete the key action) - Send them a message;

Lead reads message A and clicks on a link in this message (completes the key action) - Send them a message in the chat.

Every auto message in Dashly has default events (communication: sent/read/replied/clicked on a link/unsubscripted). You can add an individual title to each of these events to find them among all other events and use as trigger for other auto messages.

Let's see how you can set a message chain:

  1. Create auto message (pop-up, chat message or email).

  2. Select actions which you will use as triggers for other auto messages. Click on "Events for message chain" and select communication you want to be used as a trigger for next message. Now you will be able to find this event among other events in the list of triggers.

Important: We would recommend you to create similar names: “Communication: <communication type> - <name of auto message>”. It will help you to easily find such events. For example: “Communication: Replied to message - Abandoned cart message.

  1. Now you are ready to move to the next message in the chain. Create a new auto messeage and select the created event as a trigger. The following steps are absolutely the same.
  1. If this message is not the last one in the chain you can select triggers in the very last step (as described in step 2).


Let's see how it works in this simple case.

You need to run two messages,

Message 1 - describes benefits of your items and makes an offer.

Message 2 - offers additional items (this message is sent in case a lead is interested in your items - they opened and read your previous message).

Step 1

You have already run Message 1. Now you need to create a new event to select it as a trigger for the next message.

Move to the very last step "review and launch".

Click on "Events for message chains" button.

You will see an additional screen where you are able to create an event linked with this message, name it and choose which action will be tracked.

Step 2

All additional events will be added as soon as you save your auto message. These events can be used immediately.

Create next auto message (Message 2) as usual.

Select "Message Read - Message 1" as the trigger (the name which you select for this event)

All the following steps are the same as in usual auto message configuring. After your message is saved, the message chain will be launched.


Example for abandoned cart.

You have 3 messages: the first one is sent in 30 minutes after lead doesn't complete the checkout process. Second and third messages depends on lead's action with the first message. If they click on a link in the message and complete the order process, then they won't receive the next message. If they don't do it, then they will be reminded about it again.

Large online stores recommend you to use 3 messages.

Such chains help you to personalize and automate your communication with leads.

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