How to configure your Dashly home page

Funnels help you get information about conversion rates right away

The Home section contains basic information about the state of your project: domain information, the main funnel of the site, recommended messages and key statistics.

Manual campaigns statistics

We monitor the status of your campaigns carefully, taking the bounce rate and the number of spam complaints into account. You can see what this is all about here.

The basic funnel of your website

The basic funnel is displayed in the “Home” section.

If data collection is not configured, the funnel will not be displaying data properly. Set up the data collection prior to configuring the steps of the funnel in order to view your funnel metrics.

You can configure and choose the basic funnel in the “Reports” – “Funnels” section, or by clicking “All funnels” next to the “Your website basic funnel” text. 


“Home” section shows the general statistics of visitors, leads, conversations, triggered and manual messages for any particular period.

  1.  Sectioning graph steps

You can set display by days, weeks or months.

  1.  Period

You can choose from a suggested period or set any period you consider relevant.

  1.  Number of unique visitors during the period

Here you can see the number of leads for the selected period. These appear in the “Visitors” – “Active now” section and are counted in the unique visitors quota.

  1.  Number of collected leads during the period

The number of new leads whose data was added to the “Visitors” – “Lead database” section. In other words, here you can see the number of all leads whose data was identified or who contacted you via chat or other channels of communication.

  1.  Number of new conversations for the period

The number of new conversations for the selected period. Conversation is created when a visitor initiates a chat conversation or replies to a triggered message.

  1.  Number of triggered messages sent during the period

All types of triggered messages sent during the selected period are counted here.

  1.  Number of manual messages sent during the period

All emails sent with email campaigns and individual mailing are counted here.

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